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When Compliance Leaves the Customer Stranded

Most air-travelers these days do not have high expectations. Still, when flights are cancelled under questionable circumstances and they have to spend the night away stranded on an airport, the bitterness of the experience lasts a long time!

Aviation is a heavily regulated industry. Customers are used to rules and procedures. Bad weather is always a wild card. When a paper form that needs to be completed before the plane can leave the gate triggers a sequence of events leading to the flight cancellation, the level of frustration is simply too high to ignore.

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A Strong Post-Market Surveillance Enables a Strong Risk Management System

The concept of risk-management is not new to Medical Device companies. The challenge, however is to consistently apply risk-management principles throughout the entire product lifecycle. A strong post-market surveillance process is key to building the organizational capability of a strong and holistic risk-management system.

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